A Man In Uniform


“A deeply enjoyable book, A Man in Uniform is subtle, suspenseful, intelligent – and rife with false beards and lace peignoirs.”
— Marina Endicott, author of Good to a Fault

At the height of the Belle Époque, François Dubon lives a well-ordered life in the bourgeois quarters of Paris’ eighth arrondissement. When not busy with his prosperous legal practice, he enjoys both a contented marriage to his aristocratic wife, Geneviève, and satisfying afternoon encounters with his mistress, Madeleine.

But when a mysterious widow arrives at his office, his complacent existence turns to harrowing adventure. The alluring lady insists that only Dubon can rescue her innocent friend, an army captain by the name of Dreyfus who has been wrongfully convicted of espionage and exiled to Devil’s Island. Against his better judgment, Dubon finds himself drawn into a dangerous case that shatters his life — and triggers political upheaval throughout France.

Praise for A Man in Uniform