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Toronto, June 13 Interested in the recent discovery of Richard III’s skeleton? I will be leading a discussion about the relationship between history and fiction in the case of Shakespeare’s hunchbacked tyrant at the University of Toronto (http://www NULL.english NULL.utoronto NULL.htm) Room 100, 170 St. George St. at 7 p.m.

Mme Proust and the Kosher Kitchen is now available in Spanish, (http://www NULL.siruela NULL.php?opcion=buscar&id_libro=1777&completa=S) published by Siruela in Madrid under the title Madame Proust y la cocina kosher.

A Man in Uniform has been voted the winner of Kingston Reads 2011! Here is what the Whig Standard (http://www NULL.thewhig NULL.aspx?e=3434701) has to say.

A Man in Uniform is now available in the United States. “… alluring and suspenseful …” says Associated Press. (http://abcnews NULL.go

A Man in Uniform is considered “required reading” by the New York Post (http://www NULL.nypost while BookPage (http://www NULL.bookpage it “an artful mix of history and mystery.” The Boston Globe (http://www it rewards the reader “with a rich sense of time and place while offering a fascinating look at a historically based what-if.”

♦ A French-language edition of A Man in Uniform is now available in Quebec, published by Libre Expression. (http://www NULL.edlibreexpression NULL.aspx?codeprod=357493)

♦ New approaches to the Dreyfus affair are reviewed by the Times Literary Supplement (http://entertainment NULL.timesonline NULL.ece) and the New York Review of Books. (http://www NULL.nybooks

♦ The current interest in the Dreyfus affair is noted by Macleans. (http://www2 NULL.macleans

♦ I recently chatted with radio host David Peterson of CIUT’s Take 5 about A Man in Uniform and the parallels between the Dreyfus affair and contemporary events. See 1:11:54 on this podcast. (http://archives NULL.take5 NULL.aspx)

♦ Five questions from Zoomer magazine (http://www NULL.zoomermag